I'm Ruining My Own Life

I'm Ruining My Own Life
by Gwen Werner

Six essays about mental illness and mental thrillness. Growing up indoctrinated and female and learning how to tie the room together, assuming one side of the room is Jesus and the other is blowjobs.

"I am a little in love with Gwen. Reading her work cuts something in me and it feels good. There is a palpable vulnerability that draws me in. There is a deceptive gentleness in this book, there language is so lovely and sweet without saccharine or sap. What's exquisite about Gwen's work is that sweetness has a sharp back bite.  Getting deeper in, the essays and book are naked and honest. This is the type of work that makes me want to know the person, I want to know the girl Gwen was and the woman she is now beyond the page. I am a little in love with Gwen because she hurt me as a reader and made me laugh while never pandering to my expectations of what the narrative should be and I love that."

- Shannon Barber, author of Self-Care Like a Boss

"Gwen Werner's I'm Ruining My Own Life ruined my life. Just kidding, it did the opposite and bettered it. At times startling in it's frankness and other times heart touching in it's poignance, Werner's prose is intelligent, propulsive, and full of dark savvy humor. Her voice is effective and warm, and watching her explore religion, anxiety, intimacy, sex and disappointment is most comforting. Read this book and feel less alone immediately. It's like a glass of wine in word form. I chugged it in one sitting."

- Chloe Caldwell, author of Women and I'll Tell You in Person 

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