Wednesday, July 1, 2015



Ryan Werner

"With the wit and heartbreak of Amy Hempel, the satirical eye of George Saunders, and the "we're on this earth to fart around" mentality of Kurt Vonnegut, the 258 micro-chapters of Ryan Werner's Soft tell the story of a failed rock band on tour. In sharp, spare, laugh-out-loud prose, Werner's misfit characters struggle to find their purpose in a world defined by alienation, death, and soul-sucking capitalism. These characters desire more from life, but are unsure what more looks like or how to get it. While they're figuring it out, they cope by trading clever one-liners, eating a lot of gas station food, obsessing over the world's extinction, and mailing koan-like postcards sacross the country. This is a small, smart book that asks the big questions about the age we're stuck in: What is the good life? Does it exist? How can we create authentic selves and art in a world that values neither?" - Megan Martin, author of Nevers



Thursday, July 16th: Normal, IL
Friday, July 17th: Champaign/Urbana, IL
Saturday, July 18th: Bloomington, IN
Sunday, July 19th: Cincinnati, OH
Monday, July 20th: Columbus, OH
Tuesday, July 21st: Harrisonburg, VA
Wednesday, July 22nd: Washington DC
Thursday, July 23rd: Philadelphia, PA
Friday, July 24th: Brooklyn, NY
Saturday, July 25th: Greensburgh, PA
Sunday, July 26th:Akron, OH
Monday, July 27th: Toldeo, OH
Tuesday, July 28th: Ann Arbor, MI/Lansing, MI
Wednesday, July 29th: Grand Rapids, MI
Thursday, July 30th: Kalamazoo, MI
Friday, July 31st: South Bend, IN
Saturday, August 1st: Chicago, IL