If There's Any Truth In a Northbound Train

If There's Any Truth In a Northbound Train
by Ryan Werner

Eight short stories about the truth and if it matters, the places we sleep when our wooden teeth no longer fit our bodies, what we do with our life not quite all in one place. From the first story to the last, there is always something disappearing and a choice of what to worship: what is gone or the space it leaves behind.

"'You have to want something all the time,' I tell him. 'It's just human.'—Werner’s book is full of characters wanting something all the time. It makes me want. It makes me want to read this book over and over. Hilarious, witty, ghostly: people and body parts go missing and sometimes reappear. But the Truth, dammit, is elusive and pervasive at the same time. How does he do it? It makes me squirm." -Amy Temple Harper, author of Cramped Uptown

"There is an apocalyptic fervor to these tales of missing friends, missing limbs and tightly held truths ripped violently away. Werner is a master of articulating the particularly Middle American malaise of his beloved miscreants and misanthropic castaways—his grocery store clerks and meat packers living an inch from oblivion. With predictably electric prose and a freewheeling vernacular that rings deadly true, Werner takes us on a heavy metal hell-ride through lives lived without a net—banzai skydivers staring down the end of days and taking another bite of their goddamned candied apple." - Aaron Teel, author of Shampoo Horns

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