Infinity's Jukebox

Infinity's Jukebox
by Matthew Burnside

A two-headed, eight-eyed monster of a book that moves in all directions, building hearts out of Legos and dreams out of mere existence. The possibilities and feelings and imagination in these stories are as endless as infinity itself, as fulfilling as a fistful of quarters in the jukebox of a lifetime.

"Matthew Burnside does what all my favorite fiction writers do: he inhabits his own world. He travels around it. He seeks and finds whatever he can, and he brings it back for us all to marvel at. So we can watch as friends on a road trip together become their own demons, as a child fiercely defends his father’s lawn from outsiders looking for a shortcut, and the cruelty envisaged by man’s inhumanity to Dogfaced man. No matter where you are, the energy of Infinity’s Jukebox always feels boundless, and it has quite a few tunes that might leave you feeling nostalgic for plenty in particular." - Matt Rowan, author of Why God Why

Cover art by Nick Patterson.

Excerpts: Biography --- Revival

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